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Coinswitch Venture's Parth Chaturvedi and WazirX's Rajagopal Menon analyzed the crypto news today about the Bitcoin & Ethereum decline based on technical indicators. Meanwhile, market volatility resulted from the U.S. Senate's vote on SEC and regulatory changes in India. This post uncovers the market consolidation and decline.

Bitcoin & Ethereum Decline Overview

Bitcoin fell to $65,408 from $66,750 to attain a 0.82% drop on 17th May. In addition, Ethereum struggled with volatility despite exceeding the 20-day Exponential Moving Average. Markets faced pressure from regulatory developments in the US stocks, Turkey, and India. This Bitcoin and Ethereum decline caused several liquidations. 

Yet, the future crypto outlook remains optimistic. In other words, analysts predict new crypto record highs despite the potential short-term pullback. But what are the factors that pushed the recent Bitcoin & Ethereum to decline in crypto news today?

Why Did Bitcoin & Ethereum Decline?

The recent Bitcoin & Ethereum decline has sparked concerns over the market. Although crypto news today shows a slight decline, it plants questions about the causes and implications. Factors that led to the crypto crash include regulatory changes, technical analysis, sentiments and economic indicators.

  • Economic Uncertainties

    Geopolitical and economic indicators contributed to crypto fluctuation. Yet, sentiments still showcase possible new crypto record highs. Overall, economic data directly impacts crypto prices. The CEO of BuyUcoin, Shivam Thakral, said the recent CPI (Consumer Price Index) points to cooling inflation, sparking financial market optimism.
  • Technical Analysis

    In any case, the Elder-Ray index signals suggested a buyer's market, with Ethereum showcasing potential bearish trends to drop to $2,864. Ethereum traded in a descending triangle, with the upper trend line targeting $3,100. In general, LINK crypto news today led, with the broader market showcasing red due to regulatory uncertainties.
  • Regulatory Developments

    Regulatory changes in India, Turkey, and the U.S. contributed to the crypto crash. For instance, major U.S. banks, Chainlink and the DTCC (Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation) have successfully transformed their accounts into tokenized funds.

Bitcoin & Ethereum Decline Aftermath​​​​​

The transformation marks a significant milestone for the traditional asset management sector's adoption of blockchain technology. Meanwhile, the SEBI (Security & Exchange Board of India) proposed multiple regulators to oversee crypto trading.

Bitcoin & Ethereum Decline Aftermath

Will crypto recover from the recent Bitcoin & Ethereum decline? The recent downturn has resulted in caution among traders seeking to reassess their strategies and positions. This section's answers will-crypto-recover and provide insights to leverage growth.

  • Market Opportunity

    This market downturn offers experienced traders opportunities to accumulate crypto positions and capitalize on discounted prices. The Bitcoin & Ethereum decline provides a favorable entry point for long-term investors. In addition, the increased liquidity and trading activity offer chances for short-term gains through strategic crypto trading.
  • Investor Sentiments

    Some investors are cautious amid the Bitcoin and Ethereum decline. They believe these cryptos will recover due to technological advancements and institutional adoptions. Nonetheless, others believe market volatilities and regulatory uncertainties will persist.


Concerns rose over the question, will crypto recover? Critical crypto aspects remain robust, allowing long-term growth. Thus, US stock market opportunities are available for experienced investors through discounted prices and short-term trading. Overall, market sentiment differs based on diverse Bitcoin & Ethereum decline perspectives.