CFDs and Spread bets are complex instruments and come with a high risk of losing money rapidly due to leverage. 69% of retail investor accounts lose money when trading CFDs and Spread bets with this provider. You should consider whether you understand how CFDs and Spread bets work and whether you can afford to take the high risk of losing your money.

Mobile Trading Apps

Mobile Trading Apps

Comprehensive Trading Experience

  • 1. Trade Flexibility

    Execute trades at your convenience with our app, providing flexibility in trading.

  • 2. Live TradingView Charts

    Trade directly from live charts, utilizing advanced tools for effective trade analysis.

  • 3. Extensive Market Access

    Access over 135,000 markets, covering FX, Indices, Shares, and Commodities.

  • 4. Real-time Market Data and News

    Stay informed with real-time market data and news alerts, enhancing your trading experience.

App Features

Unlock the full potential of the KQ Markets app with these powerful features

  • Intuitive Interface

    Intuitive Interface

    Create and monitor personal watchlists with ease.

  • Performance Analysis

    Performance Analysis

    Analyze your trading behavior for better insights.

  • section3_group_image3.jpg

    Smart Signals

    One-click signals to discover established trading opportunities.

  • Account Activity

    Account Activity

    Track your account and view trading history effortlessly.

  • Instant Notifications

    Instant Notifications

    Receive instant alerts when your orders are triggered.

  • Theme Options

    Theme Options

    Personalize your experience with light or dark design.

Optimize Your Trading Experience with KQ Markets

Optimize Your Trading Experience with KQ Markets
  • Trading with Unrealized Profit

    Utilize unrealized profits from existing positions to fund new ones, maximizing your available funds for trading.

  • Hedging Positions

    Safeguard your positions by activating the hedge functionality, a valuable tool to navigate uncertain market conditions.

  • Close-out Level/Liquidation

    Automatic closure of positions occurs when trading capital drops below 50% of margin requirements, offering financial loss protection. Note: Sufficient funds must always be maintained.

  • 50% Futures Roll-Over Discount:

    Enjoy a 50% discount when automatically rolling over futures trades on expiry. Existing positions are closed at a mid-price and opened on the next futures contract.

  • Maximum Trade Flexibility and Control

    Open and close partial positions with multiple small trades. Choose to close the entire position or only a portion, with options for order sequencing based on "FIFO" or Non-FIFO.

  • Best Possible Trade Execution

    Experience automatic execution at the best price, ensuring optimal trade execution, even if market prices fluctuate during the placement of the trade (within milliseconds).

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