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What are ETFs?


ETFs are passive exchange-traded index funds that aim to replicate the overall market rather than outperform individual market returns.


An ETF is usually a replica of a stock index, commodity or bond indice.


ETFs let investors create a broadly diversified portfolio with low risk.

What moves the ETF market?

Political unrest or uncertainty

Economic Data Releases

Global interest rate changes

Positive or Negative News



Advantages of trading ETFs as Spreadbets and CFDs through KQ Markets

Low cost

With passively managed index funds, save yourself the fees of expensive actively managed fund managers and the cost of entering multiple individual positions.


ETFs are exchange-oriented index funds, so the price of their individual compositions remains publicly visible.

Diversified risk

Invest a relatively small amount for a position on a variety of stocks, commodities, and bonds.

Long or Short

Benefit from long or short strategies on a broad range of ETFs. The ETF market has an annual volume of more than $8 trillion, rising every year.

No holding periods

ETFs have unlimited maturities and thus form a good alternative to futures markets.

Wide range of ETFs

KQ Markets provides you access to a wide selection of ETFs from the world's largest ETF providers such as Blackrock iShares, Vanguard and SPDR. .

Trade with powerful platforms


  • Optimised for MAC and Windows
  • Expert charts with direct trading
  • Realtime news with Reuters


  • Trade from anywhere with a realtime course
  • iOS for iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch
  • Android for smartphones and tablets


  • Optimised for Windows
  • Established trading platform
  • Automated trading through EA


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