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Russia's Sanctions Impacts on Crypto and Forex Trading

Hillary Opondo Mar 31, 2022

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Several countries have imposed economic sanctions on numerous Russian entities. Thus, these entities are eager to work with anyone willing. Most companies in Russia now seek to utilize crypto to help bypass government protocols. Generally, they choose not to work with traditional banking systems and transfers. This article discusses Russia's Sanctions Impacts on Crypto and Forex Trading

Avoiding the US Dollar

The most common diplomatic tool for the United States is economic sanctions. In any case, the US dollar represents the most popular medium for cross-border payments and medium of exchange across the globe. It is also the world’s reserve currency. Experts say crypto is now the most common alternative for lessening sanctions impacts on USD transactions. Thus, government officials are actively scrutinizing most digital assets. 

Dodging the Banking System

All banks and the global financial system must provide enforcement for economic sanctions to work. These institutions help track money movement and block sanction transactions regarding anti-money laundering laws. However, these digital currencies regulations allow entities facing sanctions to dodge the banking system. Hence, they can transact without banks' monitoring apparatus realizing. 

What Russia Can Do About the Economic Sanctions?

Russia can use several crypto-related tools to evade economic sanctions. Most importantly, they must establish options to transact without using the US dollar. For the most part, Russia is developing a CBDC (central bank digital currency) for trade partners to transact without the US dollar. Besides, hacking options like ransomware can facilitate the laundry of digital currency. 

It would be best to mention that crypto records its transactions on an underlying blockchain. Therefore, it results in transparent transactions, and Russia has software to hide these transactions' origin. In simple words, it can facilitate trade with Russia with no bank detection. 

Russia’s central bank representatives launched the ‘digital ruble’ in October 2020 to render them equipped to dodge sanctions and remain less dependent on the US. For that reason, all Russian entities can complete transactions with willing counterparties & countries outside the international banking system using the digital currency. 

Hillary Opondo

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